• Brand: Salgar
Price: 448,00 €
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The FUSSION CHROME series gives you the possibility of giving your bathroom a different finish thanks to its elegant handles (not included) available in 3 colours: matt white, matt black and shiny chrome. Thus, you can choose the one that best matches the colour chosen for your furniture, and you will have a total of 21 possible combinations.


This floor cabinet with 10 cm high chrome legs has 3 large wooden drawers finished in carbon fibre textile. Its drawers have hidden guides for extra extension.

The upper drawer has a gap to allow the washbasin to be fitted and an organiser included in the price, while the other two drawers have a large volume for you to organise your bathroom items in the best way.


Currently, you can find it in 7 colours so you can choose the one that is best suited to your preferences. 3 of these colours are in glossy lacquer: white, grey and taupe, while the other four: bay, natural, sbiancato and Alsace have a wood finish.


This unit allows you to have a modular composition as you can add the Alliance floor vanity units (250mm and 400 mm).

The price of this piece of furniture does not include a washbasin, tap or handle.

gloss white, gloss grey, gloss taupe, natural, bay pine, sbiancato, alsacia
Wall hung / Floor standing
floor standing
997 x 868 x 450 mm