Basin SOFIA 805

  • Brand: Salgar
  • Cat No: 19099
Price: 336,00 €
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This MineralMarmo inset washbasin is a single central rectangular sink with rounded edgesand a tap. If you choose an inset sink, the SOFIA family is notable for its functionality and adaptability to different bathroom sizes due to its wide range of products.

MineralMarmo is an ideal material for decorating bathrooms and public environments due to its great durability and ductility, which means it used in many forms: washbasins, floors, bases and small columns in many colours and finishes. Continuous cleaning ensures its original attractiveness is maintained while also preventing traces of wear with the passage of time.

Dimensions: 805/1005/1105/2005 mm wide x 460 mm deep and 15 mm thick.


Sofia 805 mm (1 sink) = 800 mm furniture unit

Sofia 1005 mm (1 sink) = 1000 mm furniture unit

Sofia 1105 mm (1 sink) = 250 mm vanity + 600 mm furniture + 250 mm vanity units

Sofia 2005 mm (1 sink) = 800/900/1000 mm furniture unit centred with vanity units on its sides.

The price is for the sink only, not including the trap, tap or drain.

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