Basin TOSCANA 605

  • Brand: Salgar
  • Cat No: 20748
Price: 234,00 €
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This TOSCANA Mineral Filler inset washbasin has a single central rectangular shaped sink. This model provides great flexibility thanks to its wide range of sizes.

Mineral Filler is a material that is very resistant to scratching and shock due to its synthetic material. Its main feature is its high resistance to degradation, while its physical appearance produces a visual sensation of cleanliness and order.

Dimensions: 605/705/805/905/1005/1205/1605 mm x 460 mm depth and 50 mm thick.

If you choose an inset basin, the TOSCANA family with a single sink is known for maximising the size of its sink.


Toscana 605 mm (1 sink) = 600 mm furniture unit

Toscana 705 mm (1 sink) = 700 mm furniture unit

Tuscany 805 mm (1 sink) = 800 mm furniture unit

Toscana 905 mm (1 sink) = 900 mm furniture unit

Tuscany 1005 mm (1 sink) = 1000 mm furniture unit

Toscana 1205 mm (1 sink) = 1200 mm furniture unit

The price is for the sink only, not including the trap, tap or drain.


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