DITRE ITALIA - New sofa collection

20 January 2022
DITRE ITALIA - New sofa collection

Ada is a corner sectional fabric sofa with chaise longue.‎
An archipelago of islands that can be arranged as required

and complement each other.‎ They can be accessorised as

desired to suit fluid spaces in the home environment.‎

Backs can be repositioned and slide as required.‎

Ada can also be made with the new Ecosy upholstering:

completely animal-free, it is composed of a special blend of

recycled polyester microfibers obtained from reclaimed

plastic bottles, in a fully traceable and suitable process.‎

The main characteristics of this material are its breathability,

comfort, softness and good resilience.‎



Sanders Universe is a modular sofa upholstered and covered

in fabric. The sofa is assembled without using adhesives.‎

This makes it easy to disassemble and take to recycling centres.

‎ The seat and pre-lining are biodegradable.‎ Sanders

Universe is the first green project undertaken by Ditre Italia,

created by the collaboration with fashion designer

Tiziano Guardini, a consummate creator of eco-sustainable

fashion collections, who, throughout his career has

always sought to maintain the equilibrium between

man and nature.‎  Greenwear Philosophy is a plan

of Ditre Italia born from the desire to ontribute to the

health of the planet through a process of

sustainable development.‎



Bepop is a sofa system characterized by a particular low

volume, as horizontal as possible, which alternates with

height- adjustuble backrest, for a unique comfort with a 

sophisticated appearance. The relationship between

different proportions and comfort of Bepop is

underlined by the particular movement of the backrest that

allows the sofa to take on a multiple aspect: architectural

and formal when  closed, welcoming and

domestic when open.


Blake is a  sofa with soft shapes and a simple design.

New round elements at two different heights feature impressive seats and generous dimensions,

enveloping the body in a comfortable embrace.


The new configuration enhances the original lines of this

model with adjustable back and armrests to achieve

optimal personalised comfort. The On Line Plain sofa is

available in different sizes. The feet of the bed are available

in metal, black or light brown finishes. The back of the

sofa can be raised or lowered to the desired position.

The cover of the On Line Plain sofa is removable

and available in fabric.



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