CALLIGARIS news - dining25 January 2022

From everyday family meeting around the dining table, to impromptu dinners, where you eat is not just about food, it’s where you share the moments that give life meaning. And when it comes to welcoming others into your home to do the same, Calligaris makes sure there’s always room for another chair.

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IC Lights family by FLOS21 January 2022

A stem, and on top, or below, as if in a balancing act, a glass sphere that projects outwards in a delicate equilibrium at the end of a slanting baton. Apparently unstable, the opalescent ball looks as though it might slip away as if it were the apparatus to a juggler’s act in which sphere and baton are magically balanced. By Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades.

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DITRE ITALIA - New sofa collection20 January 2022

Ditre Italia present the new collection

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